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We tailor services to the assignment’s requirements.  Our focus at the initial consultation is to identify the assignment’s needs in order to agree on an overall goal and provide services to fulfill that goal.


Conventional Architectural Design through Construction Phase Services

We provide Architectural Design, Construction Document Preparation, Contractor Selection Assistance and Construction Administration Services for a variety of building types. Our training, background and seasoned experience assures a focus on a visual & technical consistency throughout the design and construction process.

Claims & Litigation Support, Forensic Evaluation & Expert Testimony Services


We provide Litigation Support & Forensic Evaluation services to Attorneys & Insurance Carriers. Because of our years of hands-on experience and continuing education training, we apply practical knowledge to support litigants’ needs. We provide technical forensic analysis, reports and testimony. Some areas of litigation support include:

  • Defective Design Allegations 

  • Building Defect Allegation

  • Construction Administration and Oversight Allegations

  • Building System Failures

  • Building Safety

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  • Building Maintenance Issues

  • Building & Site Issues

  • Architects' Standard of Care & Professional Liability Issues

Our Clients receive an unbiased and early evaluation of the issues surrounding their case. This information offers the advantage of developing initial case strategies.

Reports are written for our Clients in plain language and are liberally supported with numerous exhibits, including statutory, common practice and construction code information.



Construction Loan and Draw Evaluations

For Banks and Lending Institutions we quantitatively evaluate construction values in order for the lender to determine loan viability.  During the construction process we observe in-place construction in order to evaluate its value versus requests for periodic construction loan draws. We advise lenders of the various construction regulations to which a borrower must adhere.


Project Reviews, Consultation to Architects and Architect's Clients

We offer support to Architectural Firms or their Clients to review & evaluate architectural documents for clarity and completeness. As a result of our years of experience addressing a multitude of project challenges, we can facilitate communication between a Project Owner and his/her Architect. In addition to project evaluations, we provide Construction Administration Services (CA) for Clients whose Architects don't provide CA.

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